• Create Digital Materials that Move People

    When you work with us, people will love what you've done with your work.

  • How We Help

    We're interactive designers that buck old trends and put our hearts on the line to help you make amazing, effective digital tools. We design your materials for human inspiration, engagement, and change. 

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    Design Strategy

    What is the ideal User Experience you want to create?

    Designing without a strategy is like taking a road trip without a map, you'll get somewhere, you just have no idea where that will be. No matter what you intend to create, you need the right strategy that syncs every part and piece with the overall purpose. This is how good design lines up with organizational growth. 

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    Training and Learning

    Create digital materials that make learning fun again.

    Online, in-person, or blended. We've helped everyone from a Fortune 50 organization to a national non-profit design and deliver over hundreds of training and development programs. We help you ask all the right questions up front so that the your time and resources deliver laser-focused training outcomes.

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    Video / Animation

    Create videos and animations that people remember.

    We've filmed in professional studios, created cartoons, and even built animations using out-of-the-box assets for clients. Video is taking over both the web and mobile, and you know you need to use it to keep people interested in what you're creating. We'll help you make snappy, catchy, memorable video for your projects. 

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    Create voice-overs, arrangements, and songs that will be music to people's ears. 

    Most of our multitude of interactive projects have required sound design to make them really "sing." So we've become well-versed in the auditory arts. We can help your project sounds as good as it looks, engaging the user on multiple levels.

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    Interactive / Web / Mobile

    Create internal and external digital tools people love to use.

    We've built basic web interfaces, websites, web applications, and entire content management systems. We've installed and customized back-end technology that supports hundreds of users simultaneously accessing hundreds of web pages. We've created interactive experiences that built bridges across siloed organizations. We can help you do the same.

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    Project Support

    We parachute into sticky situations and make them work. 

    When projects get stuck, it's usually not a resource issue. It's usually a clarity, momentum, and knowing-how-to-get-the-work-done issue. After 10 years of project work we've become aces at getting projects unstuck. If your digital project has run into a snag, hit an obstacle, or you need to put it in the express lane, we're here to manage that for you.

  • Our Customers

    Are Executives, HR leaders, trainers, and entrepreneurs

    that want creative digital materials that make things better for people.

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    We've had the privilege of helping organizations like these.


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  • Who We Are

    We're part project generals, part digital designers, part learning pros, and 100% trend-bucking goats.

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    Sara Henderson

    Founder, Interaction Designer, Mom, Guest Instructor at UGA, Bullsh&t Eliminator

    After 10 years in corporate training, from the classroom to the board room, Sara set out to create digital projects that help people thrive.


    Her idea was simple: people are smart, funny, creative, capable, and unfortunately, bored. Let's make projects that engage as well as teach, that enlighten as well as sell, that people love to interact with, that are actually fun.


    She's a member of the Adobe eLearning suite pre-release team and was a featured speaker at the 2013 International Conference for eLearning in the Workplace at Columbia University.

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    A Lean, Agile, Virtual Team

    We push design forward together.

    Design Goat works with a collection of top talent from around the world. Diverse skills and diverse perspectives make our projects more creative and clients more happy.


    This is a great advantage for you because your project team includes a set of trusted, hand-picked specialists with flexibility to meet you where you are.


    You'll see this reflected in our timelines and proposals.Your project is completed faster and at a lower cost than any traditional design agency. And if the project needs change midstream we are flexible enough to adapt and support.

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    Let's get to know each other and talk about your ideas!

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